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We are not like your average cigar company that produces 50,000 cigars a week just for a quantity point. We produce at a maximum of 2,000 sticks a week because our cigars are handcrafted individually with precision, and we like to engage our time in the crafting process. We value our product and inspect each stick on quality and appearance.
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A New Cigar is Born

At Carolina Blue Cigars we produce premium cigars that embody transition, complexity, and consistency. Founded in April 2016 in the Dominican Republic, after months of testing various tobacco blends and receiving overwhelming positive customer feedback regarding the unique flavor profiles and meticulous hand rolled construction; the Carolina Blue Cigar brand was born. Our goal is to create an amazing cigar experience for all levels of cigar enthusiasts, while maintaining exemplary customer service. Pride, care, and attention to detail goes into each cigar we make. Our company’s foundation is deeply rooted in the legacy of our families’ legacy within the tobacco farming community of N. Harlowe, NC. 

Carolina Blue Cigars continuously strives to improve its blends with the finest tobacco that is aged and cured to the meticulous specifications of our Master Blender.  We partnered with Tabaclera El Puente (known as the Cigar Bakery), in the Villa Gonzalez Region of the Dominican Republic.   This was a great achievement for the brand to have an opportunity to collaborate with a factory possessing such esteemed credentials and history within the cigar industry.  Tabaclera El Puente has been in operations over 10 years; but its history dates back over four generations. The factory is under the leadership of a dynamic trio; Eladio Santiago, Victor Infante, and Cesar Alvarez, all of whom began their careers as cigar rollers in the industry. 

We specialize in small-batch quantities, created for those who desire more from a cigar. We grow our own tobacco, some of the best tobacco in Dominican Republic.  Creating exclusive blends to elevate the cigar experience and complement all of life’s perfect moments. We care about the products we produce, and every stick is inspected for quality and appearance for outstanding quality. We believe that our cigars will change the market industry from the taste, complexity, and consistency perspective; as well as contribute to The Culture, and your Carolina Blue Cigar Experience.  

Premium cigars with balance, consistency, and excellent flavor.

Carolina Blue Cigar Blender

Carolina Blue Cigars are created to perfectly compliment and celebrate all of life’s simple moments.  We are more than confident that our cigars will change the market from a taste standpoint. We envision people around the world enjoying one of our cigars under a Carolina blue sky.  We continue seeking ways to improve our blends by using the finest tobaccos that are aged and cured to the strictest specifications of our Master Blender.

Our goal is to create an amazing cigar experience for all levels of cigar enthusiasts.